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Who are adolescents?

Welcome to the time of growth, development and transformation. Take a deep breath and embrace the cocoon transform into a beautiful sight of becoming an adult. No longer a child, and not yet an adult, the adolescents are constantly searching to understand who they are, where they fit in and what role they will take on as an active member of society. They want to know how academic knowledge is relevant to the real world and we must foster this curiosity by offering them authentic real-life experiences.

During this incredibly unique time, we love and adore our 12-15-year-old social new born. We must recognize that they have new emotions and new perspectives. Friends and relationships have become their new focus. They often try out new unsettling behaviours and may become unaffectionate; this is so perfectly normal. They are compelling and creative and capable of mature conversations and ideas. At this stage in their life, they are able to solve and create problems better than any other time in their life. They need more sleep, more love, more patience and more understanding.

They have been asking the question, “Why?” Why do people talk different languages? Why is that person homeless? Why can't I stay up late?

They are now asking the question, “How?” How does culture affect me? How do I help people who may not have the same opportunities as I do? How does sleep and nutrition affect me?

"... These two needs of the adolescent: for protection during the time of the difficult physical transition, and for an understanding of the society which he (she/they) is about to enter to play his part as a (hu)man.” Maria Montessori

At Fredericton Montessori Academy, our adolescent program is called Quest. It is based on the recognition of the developmental characteristics of adolescence. 12-18-year old’s are in a time of great social development, a time of critical thinking, and a period of self-concern. They are in a transition from childhood to adulthood with physical, mental and social maturation.

Above all : Adolescence is like an odyssey – an arduous yet exciting adventure – where the adolescent tries to find his (her/their) place in the world.

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