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The Marble Run

Students dove into a wooden marble run today. They first began building by using their imaginations then decided to follow the pre-designed examples. Both of which did not go as perfectly planned or desired for the initial run. Some marbles flew off the track and some lacked speed not reaching the end of the course. As students observed the marbles attempting to run the course, students communicated with each other by identifying the problem points. Calculations were made, spatial awareness was addressed, gravity and weight were discussed, and speaking and listening skills were utilized. By collaborating with each other, moving and exchanging parts of the course, the marbles were set again, and students sat back to watch the successful marble run. Maria Montessori’s philosophy clearly states that adolescents must socialize as they work; they must learn how to fit into an adult world. At Quest, we practice peer-to-peer collaboration as it fosters positive social interaction, inclusion and growth.

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