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Quest’s Quarterly Learning Panel

Middle school parent teacher interviews are what I use to do, not any more.

There are two essential needs of adolescent learners; the need to try out different modes of self-expression and the need to be recognized and valued. Our ‘not quite children’ and ‘not quite adults’ are making a great effort to become someone and something in this wonderful world as they make their way through this transition. The programming offered through Quest allows them to choose what form of self-expression is right for them and presentations allow students to try on different styles. They learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. They recognize which style fits, and which does not. Students try out new roles in a safe environment with supportive peers, guides, family, and community.

Quest students seized the opportunity to make the transition from student-led parent-teacher interviews to a student led learning panel, which was a success this November 2021. Students invited their parents to sit as an audience member to hear what Quest students have to say about their learning during the first quarter of middle school. Students sat on stage with significant preparation of each subject and element, supported by their experience and knowledge. Parents sat as their audience ready to listen and become affected by the wave of their child’s learning. As students prepared their speech, they were each other’s audience member and presenter, they provided meaningful peer feedback and practiced how to answer questions and accept constructive criticism. They organized themselves, their information and rehearsed many times aiming to be clear, concise and meaningful. Trying out these adult-like roles provides valuable practice with social, emotional and academic skills they will need as they grow into adulthood.

Public speaking builds confidence when guided and approached in a meaningful way. Students must see through their teenage eyes and discover through their awkward developmental stage the importance of disciplined work and study habits. With time and patience, they will come to understand their uniqueness and interests and, in turn, will gain practical and emotional independence via their personal quest.

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