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Baby Bunnies

We have two baby bunnies! Welcome to Quest Hazel and Douglas.

Caring for the environment, plants and animals are significant elements within Montessori education. Children and young adolescents learn about empathy, compassion and respect for living things while caring for pets. Preparing the environment for students to learn about interconnectedness, Cosmic Education, is the cornerstone of how ‘they,’ students, fit into this world.

Responsibility, self-confidence and empowerment are all practiced while feeding, cleaning and demonstrating love for Hazel and Douglas. Learning grace and courtesy, practicing gentle touch, and by caring for animals as a class allows for peer guidance, positive interactions and bonding.

Leaning non-verbal language from our bunnies is an essential skill to ensure our bunnies are happy, healthy and safe. Understanding when they would like to be left alone, or hungry is a skill that can be transferred to friends and family as well.

Having animals in our classroom ignites interest and allows the ability to develop further study in subjects such as science and humanities. Observations, research, creating questions and finding answers all contribute to developing lifelong characteristics of successful human beings.

Hazel and Douglas are in beautiful hands and surrounded by instant love. Stay tuned for up to date ‘hoppenings’ with our adventure.

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