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Quest Montessori Academy

My name is Jennifer (Wood) Tym.  I began teaching in 1999 as a part time physical education teacher and music teacher with primary elementary children.  Both positions set my philosophy on how I would view teaching and educating.   During my interview for these positions, I expressed strongly "although phys. ed and music are not my strengths, however, being a teacher and a life-long learner are my strengths.  I am a teacher who will learn the specific material to teach, guide, and become educated.  Students need someone who can provide a safe learning environment over someone who can dictate information.  Instilling the love of learning is my strength". With that, Mrs. Sharron ** hired me and gave me my first opportunity to make a difference.  Thank you, Sharron, for believing in me.

Twenty-two years later, teaching middle school the first half of my career and high school the second half, I welcomed the opportunity to teach the way I believe school aged children ought to be exposed to experiencing education.  Laura McDonald and Wanda Poniatowski asked if I would join Fredericton Montessori Academy to create the first Montessori middle school in Atlantic Canada.  


Maria Montessori was an educator who based education on the science of the developmental needs of a human.  Further reading.


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