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Mission Statement

Our adolescent program (middle school) is dedicated to providing opportunities for growth while challenging and supporting each student in their academic, social, and emotional development.

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Quest Montessori Academy

Welcome to the most exciting adolescent / middle school program in Atlantic Canada!  We are unique and not the average middle school.  The Adolescent Program is a prepared environment that supports, encourages, and guides each student to be the best they can be by experiencing learning through hands-on activities, purposeful projects, and personal interests.   There are opportunities for students to embrace what they will need to become positive, contributing members of our community and world.  We believe that each person’s journey is a lifelong process, and Quest Montessori helps create a strong foundation for each student's intellectual, social, and emotional development.


131 Duncan Lane

Fredericton, NB    

E3B 7S2


Jennifer Tym &  Laura McDonald


Instagram: @Quest.Montessori

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